"A lovely view but what a draught!"

What you need is a Draught Stoppa!

  • Made In Great Britain
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
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Jaid Designs

We are a small family-run company who have a passion for caravanning and have been doing so for many years, taking every opportunity to escape to the countryside in our tourer.  As newbies to the caravan world, one afternoon we were sat in our awning enjoying the view from our pitch but kept getting gusts of wind come through the wheel arch and it left us thinking… ‘There has to be a better way of covering the wheel arch’.

After a few attempts, we developed the Draught Stoppa!

So what is a Draught Stoppa?

A Draught Stoppa is the effective way to cover the space around the wheel arch and helps to eliminate draughts in your awning, allowing you to make the most of the outdoors. The draught stoppa (shown to the right) will fit any caravan with spoke wheels without the need for auxiliary fixings or suckers.

Single Axle Version

Twin Axle Version

Draught Stoppa

Main Features

Light & Compact

Weighing only 750g for a single & 1300g for a twin, the foldable Draught Stoppa’s are easy to store.

Quick & Easy to Install

It only takes 70 seconds to fit a single & 120 seconds to fit a twin, just in time for the kettle to boil.

Easy To Clean

Made from a lightweight plastic, it means these items can be easily wiped clean.

Prevents Draughts

Covers the wheel arch to prevent unwanted wind & holds the caravan skirt tort, giving a neat and tidy look.


By using velcro straps, it means there are no fixings or sucker attachments needed.

Safe & Secure for Animals

Helps to prevent pets escaping from the awning by crawling through the wheel arches.

Simple Yet Effective

A Design That Works

PVC Retainer & Support Bar

Manufactured from extruded PVC
The support bar is designed to work with the retaining clip to hold the skirt valance in place when in use
Colour Black
Size Single 735mm Long x 25mm Height x 15mm Wide
Size Twin 685mm Long x 25mm Height x 15mm Wide

This tough little device is manufactured from injection moulded PP
The retaining clip is designed to work with the Velcro strap and support bar in holding the skirt valance in place when in use
Colour Black
Size 80mm Long x 35mm Height x 20mm Wide

Velcro Fastening

One piece double sided Velcro enables the strap to attach to itself, this unique property is what enables the strap to firmly hold the board in place when in use
Colour Black
Size Single 425mm Long x 50mm Wide
Size Twin 550mm Long x 50mm Wide

Lightweight Sheet

Manufactured from Opaque Polypropylene fluted sheet
Very tough and tear resistant yet light weight with a durable hinge
Fitted with Velcro patches to keep the board closed when in storage
Size 800mm Wide x 765mm High, Weight 625g

Size 1430mm Wide x 720mm High, Weight 1050g


Customer Feedback

Works really well.
Quick order process and supper fast delivery. Easy to track as well. This is the way businesses should work. Can’t wait to get out in the caravan again and see how it performs on a windy day.
Neat & tidy awning skirt.
Fantastic product! My awning skirt has never looked so neat and tidy. My brothers as well. Best thing I have ever bought.
Just what I needed!
Just what I needed, perfect! Well packed. Quickly sent.
So pleased. Got a second one.
So pleased with first purchase. Got a second one for the other side of van.
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