A lovely view but what a draught!

What you need is a Draught Stoppa!

Welcome to Jaid Designs introduction

Who are we?

We are a small company who have a passion for caravanning and have been doing so for many years, taking every opportunity to escape to the countryside in our tourer.  As newbies to the caravan world we were sat in our awning thinking, ‘There has to be a better way of covering the wheel arch’

Hence we developed the Draught Stoppa!

What is a Draught Stoppa?

A Draught Stoppa is the effective way to cover the space around the wheel arch and helps to eliminate draughts in your awning, allowing you to make the most of the outdoors. The draught stoppa (shown to the right) will fit any caravan with spoke wheels without the need for auxiliary fixings or suckers.

The Draught stoppa is made in the UK from plastics that are 100% recyclable

Key features & benefits Draught Stoppa

Light & Compact

Weighing only 750g for a single & 1300g for a twin, the foldable Draught Stoppa's are easy to store.

Quick & Easy

It only takes 70 seconds to fit a single & 120 seconds to fit a twin, just in time for the kettle to boil.

Easy To Clean

Made from a lightweight plastic, it means these items can be easily wiped clean.

Non Marking

By using velcro straps, it means there are no fixings or sucker attachments needed.

Prevents Draughts

Covers the wheel arch to prevent unwanted wind & holds the caravan skirt tort, giving a neat and tidy look.

Safe & Secure for Animals

Helps to prevent pets escaping from the awning by crawling through the wheel arches.

Be smart not cold.

Prevent unwanted draughts in your awning & enjoy your holiday.

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