The plastic sheet supplied has white marks on one side?

During the manufacture of the sheet slight discolouration can occur but it will not affect the performance or durability of the product.

Will it work with BPW Diamond Wheel Locks

This type of wheel lock has two protruding lugs that will require a modification to the plastic sheet. 2 small holes will need to be cut into the sheet to allow the lugs to protrude. Once the skirt valance is in place this should cover the area where the lugs and holes are located.

Will it fit my caravan?

Whilst every care has been taken in the design and shape of the Draught Stoppa we cannot 100% guarantee that it will suit your particular caravan. To date the only popular caravan we are aware of is the 2010 Lunar single axle range where the board requires trimming to fit between the skirt rails.

How can I trim the board?

The board is manufactured from Polypropylene, which is a very tough plastic and will not easily tear, however it can be trimmed using a sharp knife or heavy duty scissors.

What if my caravan does not have spoke wheels?

The Draught Stoppa was primarily designed to work with the aluminium spoke type of wheel. However it can be used with older style wheels and/or wheel trims so long as there is sufficient room for the 50mm Velcro strap to pass through. Viewing the fitting video may help you decide.

Can I buy spares?

Yes, please see the options in the shop section.

What if the Velcro strap is not long enough?

No problem, return the old strap to us and we will replace it with a longer version to suit your needs FOC.

What is the weight of a Draught Stoppa?

Single Axle: 625g

Twin Axle: 1050g

What is the size of the board in use?

Single Axle: 760mm high x 800mm wide

Twin Axle: 720mm high x 1430mm wide

How long will it take from order to receive it?

Normally goods are dispatched within 48hrs and sent by tracked courier which can take up to 5 days.

If you would like next day delivery please email  We will invoice you direct

We use parcel force 24hr delivery is £16.68 (price correct April 2020)


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